Reader Question:

How do I know if my personal girl is "fun flirting" or if she doesn't love me anymore?

-Colin B. (Virginia)

Specialist's Answer:

Hello Colin,

Just what a fascinating question. Whenever we happened to be having a two-way conversation, I would personally ask you to answer for a lot more information. But since this is me practically creating you a letter, i shall need to use my creativity and cognoscente creativity. I am assuming you and this girl tend to be unique. (If you find yourselfn't unique, you then don't get to bother about the level of flirting she actually is carrying out.) OK, anytime we have now established your couple are exclusive plus girl is hugging, keeping arms with, whispering to and giggling at everything the 10 finest guy buddies state, then "Houston, we now have an issue."

This is of flirting should "behave like drawn to or wanting to draw in someone, however for enjoyment without with major motives." In the event your girl doesn't anticipate in fact generating around with or fast asleep with one of many dudes she flirts with, it is still hurtful for your requirements – long lasting level of flirting truly. It's likely that, she doesn't actually recognize she is carrying it out. So stay their all the way down and inform the lady exactly how it certainly makes you feel. If she listens and puts a stop to flirting together with other guys, then she cares about you. If she goes on the woman enjoyable flirty techniques, then it's quite possible she actually is not ready to settle down.

Thank you for speaking out,